Virtual machines

Spin Virtual Machines in 5 Clicks

Need a different operating system? Fire up Virtsimple and spin a desktop in less then 10 seconds.

Network management

Hassle-free network setup for your machines

Your virtual machines will connect to the Internet using your IP addresses - simple as that.

ISO and OS templates

All the operating systems you need

Choose from 8 preinstalled Linux distributions or add any OS you require.

Dedicated servers

Automatically connect your dedicated servers

Add your dedicated server in the panel and we do all the setup.

Full features list

1-click server setup

Setup process is completely automated - you add your servers with one click and we do all the hard work.

Superfast virtualization

We employ KVM virtualization for the best performance. You will be able to create VMs in less then 10 seconds.

No extra software

We install and maintain everything that is needed. You won't ever need to change your infrastructure.

Pre-built OS templates

The panel comes with ready to use OS templates, you can mount custom ISO as well.

Online VNC console

You can access your virtual machine directly from online web console.

Easy resource management

Monitor your CPU, RAM, disk and bandwith usage. Upgrade VM resources in one click.


Automate your daily tasks with complete documented RESTful API.

Frequent updates

Panel in the cloud means frequent automatic security & product updates.

SSL encryption

Your security is top priority for us - we only use best industry practices.