How does it work?

Virtsimple works on CentOS 7 machines - once you sell one to your customer, we'll deliver a virtualization panel for it. All you need is a WHMCS instance and our WHMCS Virtsimple Reseller addon. 

Through the addon you'll deploy new instance of Virtsimple. Each dedicated server gets a new panel instance that's hosted in the cloud and can be accessed through a unique URL.

Installation instructions

  • Download the plugin and unpack it to modules/addons inside your WHMCS installation directory

    or use the command line

    cd /your/whmcs/installation/path
    cd modules/addons
    wget --no-check-certificate 'Error retrieving URL, please get latest plugin URL from'
    rm -rf virtsimple
    unzip 'Error retrieving URL, please get latest plugin URL from'

WHMCS Module setup

  • Setup the module under Setup -> Addon Modules
  • Locate Virtsimple Reseller on the list and press activate
  • Now you are ready to Configure
  • Enter your API credentials and reseller domain that you've got from us. If you haven't - please contact us and we will provide you with required information.
  • You will find the controls under Addons -> Virtsimple Reseller


  • Go to the controls screen as described above
  • To sell a new Virtsimple panel just press Create panel
  • Fill in the fields and click Create panel

You're good to go!

Your customer gets an invitation email to your panel and that's all - they can virtualize their dedicated server in few clicks. Questions? - we'll gladly help, advise or setup a demo call!