The SoftwareMill Case Study

How SoftwareMill Uses Virtsimple to Manage Their Infrastructure

The Problem

SoftwareMill is a 40-strong remote software house with HQ in Warsaw, Poland. They build Java and Scala-based software for US, UK and South African customers, focusing on the financial and telecommunication industries.

SoftwareMill keeps their internal operation software on their dedicated servers (dedicated means they’re not shared with anyone else) to achieve top performance while retaining control that would not be possible with the omnipresent cloud. But utilizing your own machines has its drawbacks.

Firstly, time needs to be devoted to managing the infrastructure - tech administration staff is required to maintain the servers and keep them up to date.

Secondly, no matter how powerful the server is, you still need to divide it into smaller, more manageable chunks - the so-called virtual machines (independent virtual operating systems created on a server). This can be done by complicated manual coding or by employing expensive virtualization suites.

Both of those activities need expertise of a technical team - effort and time that would definitely yield better results elsewhere.

Since SoftwareMill grew twofold in the last two years, they needed a solution that not only solved those two problems, but also scales easily when needed. Enter Virtsimple, the simplest virtualization panel for dedicated servers.

The Solution

Virtsimple is the simplest virtualization panel for dedicated servers. It lets you easily and quickly create remote desktops, programming sandboxes or testing environments for a company of any size.

All you need is a dedicated server - you just connect it in the Virtsimple panel and wait for a few minutes for your server to be automatically configured and ready to go.

Virtsimple works great for software houses, like SoftwareMill, but also for dedicated server providers. We offer a reseller program to data centers so they can provide the Virtsimple virtualization suite to their end customers in addition to their dedicated servers. See more at Virtsimple’s reseller page.

The Result

SoftwareMill uses Virtsimple in its day-to-day operations. Those include:

  • a TeamSpeak server, used for internal, real-time communication
  • Company and Scalar conference website,
  • Scala Times newsletter app used for building the first and only Scala language newsletter
  • TeamCity continuous integration
  • Codebrag peer code review tool
  • Internal financial suite
  • Free virtual machines for private use for every employee as a programming sandbox

SoftwareMill saves time and money everyday utilizing Virtsimple in its daily tasks - thanks to its ease of use and intuitive interface, there's no need for a comprehensive devops or admin coverage. Not to mention no need for training for new employees or installing any software anywhere - Virtsimple is easy to use and runs in the cloud, so it's accessible from a browser of any machine.

Scale easily with Virtsimple

SoftwareMill is an example of Virtsimple powering a compact-sized company. We can do much more, accomodating both smaller startups as well as bigger enterprise departments.

Ready to give Virtsimple a try?

Virtsimple Use Cases


Time and money are important to all startups. Save both by using your own infrastructure with Virtsimple.

Mid-Size Businesses

Businesses need infrastructure, but managing it doesn't have to be hard. Virtsimple lets anybody create, destroy and manage virtual machines.


Virtsimple scales from small to large, we can handle your infrastructure regardless of how many servers you have.